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Jan 17

Only in Missouri!

Blog posted by Mike LaBeth  ::  Views (94954)'s hard to know whether to get the bar-b-que grill out or keep the snowblower on standby this year.  While I'm as appreciative of the unexpected warm weather, just want to take a moment to remind you that your home isn't out of danger from winter... [ more ]
Aug 11

Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale

Blog posted by Mike LaBeth  ::  Views (17398)  ::  (1 comments)
With cooler temps, many of you are probably doing yard work and thinking about what else needs done to your home's exterior.  If you are planning on selling your home, always remember that first impressions are what often sells a home.  We have several... [ more ]
Jul 26

Affordable Housing

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It was all over the news today...Kirksville was named by Coldwell Banker as the city with the most affordable housing in Missouri.  Considering we have two universities in our town, that's pretty impressive!  University City was named as the city with the... [ more ]
Jul 23

New Agents

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Heritage House Realty, Inc. is proud to welcome two new agents to help you with all your real estate needs!  Welcome aboard Joe Pierce and Lynn Winkleman! Joe Pierce Lynn Winkleman [ more ]
Jul 17

What Do You Think?

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We are in the process of getting our "Ask the Expert" site feature online.  Tell us...what experts would you like to have available to answer your real estate questions?  We want our site to serve YOUR needs, so let us know! [ more ]
Jul 15

Looking for a Home

Blog posted by Mike LaBeth  ::  Views (20499)  ::  (5 comments)
Did you know that in addition to the search page for our listings, our agents can show you homes listed by other real estate companies?   We have two to easily search our listings, conveniently grouped by price range.  Then, there is a... [ more ]
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